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Success Breeds Success!

Success breeds success
Mia Hamm


Who doesn’t like a little pat on the back once in a while. Heck, who would not like one every day!  It is nice to be recognized for an achievement. It gives us a little energy boost, a bit of extra motivation to keep going, to try harder, to overcome obstacles.

Successful leaders know recognition is an important part of keeping a team going.  In fact, according to the book How Full is Your Bucket,  the number-one reason most Americans leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated.

So, who is the CEO of your well-being?  Who is the leader of your weight loss journey?  YOU!  As a smart leader, who knows you do not want to quit your weight loss goal,  how often to do you recognize your achievements?

It can feel self-serving to recognize our own achievements.  However, research consistently shows that self-criticism lowers the chance of reaching a goal. Since finding our faults can be a knee-jerk reaction, we need to make it easier to recognize what is going well or we might automatically end up focus only on what is NOT going well.

Here are tips for making this most effective:

  1. Make it easy.  Keep a daily accomplishments list on something easy to access, such as on your phone or in your daily calendar.  Every day jot down at least one accomplishment.  Whether it is exercising that day, or eating a vegetable, give yourself credit for the achievement.
  2. In the moment.  As soon as you notice an achievement, no matter how small, jot it down so you don’t forget.  (enjoy that pat on the back!)
  3. Be specific.  Instead of just saying “good job”, note exactly what you did.  You might even make a special note if you overcame a challenge in that achievement.  For example, “I did my strength training routine, even though I was tired after work. I felt so much better after!”.
  4. Connect it with the bigger goal.  The more you connect what you are doing with why you are doing it, the more you harness the energy of this goal for you.  For example “I exercised after work giving me more energy for playing with my kids, and that is why I want to lose weight, to have energy to play with my kids”.

When looking back on this list, you will find you have a record of what works well for you.  This is like finding gold in times when you are struggling, looking for ways to get back on track.

I challenge you to try it for a few days, see how it goes for you. (Give yourself credit for at least trying it). Let me know how it goes!

Keep Moving, Be Well


Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Please share these posts with anyone you know interested in losing weight with or without weight loss surgery.  Click here to learn more about the UMass Memorial Weight Center

These weekly blogs are general guidelines. These guidelines apply to patients who are cleared by a physician for the type of exercise described. Please contact your physician with any concerns or questions. Always report any symptoms associated with exercise, such as pain, irregular heartbeats, and dizziness or fainting, to your physician.



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Fitness Part 3: Choose a destination

many pathsWhen it comes to fitness, there are so many paths to take.  Not all lead to the same destination.  It depends on what you want from fitness. 

Remember the definition….

Physical Fitness= 

The ability to do activities of daily life with ease

and have energy left over for recreation and to meet emergencies.

Choose your destination:  Get clear about what you want from weight loss and exercise, then train for what you want.  If you goal is to do burpies better, then do burpies.  If not, skip the burpies!!!  If your goal is to have the stamina to travel and walk around amazing places with friends and family without fatigue – then walk often at the level your body can do now and gradually build up your tolerance of walking.  Even if you start with 15 seconds several times a day, you are training for YOUR goal.   These are the questions to ask yourself to know where you want to go:

  • What daily activities do I need to do?
  • What do I want to be able to do for fun?
  • What is important for me to be able to do to meet emergencies? (ie: get up off the floor if I fall, be able to climb the stairs)

You are here:  Where are you now?  Again, another important questions if you are going to get the destination you want.  What are you able to do? What gets in the way?  Awareness is key.  Taking a day or two to ponder these questions can make getting to your destination much easier.   Jot down some thoughts before moving forward with your exercise plan.

Stay on course:  How do you know if you are on course?  Expert advice is helpful.   However, what your body is telling you is  more reliable and accurate than any outside measure (like how much weight lifted, how many miles you moved, or the latest fitness trend).  Here are some ways to help you from getting caught in a detour:

  • Physical or mental fatigue:  Learn to tell the difference between feeling tired because you were physically active all day and feeling tired because you were more mentally active.  Mental and physical fatigue can feel the similar. When it is mental fatigue, give your body what it needs by moving in some way.  If you get energy from moment, it was definitely mental fatigue.
  • Tired or lazy?   A better term for lazy is just not motivated.  This is very different than being physically tired.  They can feel the same unless we really take a closer look.  If you are feeling lazy, check to see if your goal is too big and overwhelm is draining motivation. Lower the goal and see if that cures laziness.  Check to see if you have just lost sight of your destination,  the whole reason you want to get moving in the first place.  Remind yourself of your destination and see if that gives you some energy.
  • How do I feel after exercise? If you walk away from exercise feeling worse about yourself or physically exhausted, it was too much!  The right exercise for you right now is the one that makes you feel better physically and mentally. Choose what makes you feel better, and you found what is right for you.  Do that exercise as often as you want to feel better!

More next week….

Keep Moving, Be Well


Please share these posts with anyone you know interested in losing weight with or without weight loss surgery.  Click here to learn more about the UMass Memorial Weight Center

These weekly blogs are general guidelines. These guidelines apply to patients who are cleared by a physician for the type of exercise described. Please contact your physician with any concerns or questions. Always report any symptoms associated with exercise, such as pain, irregular heartbeats, and dizziness or fainting, to your physician.

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Keep Moving Through the Season

time changeIt’s that transition week.  The week that we have to adjust to the changes in daylight and nighttime hours.

How does this affect your exercise motivation?

Living in New England,  late fall and winter can be the most challenging time to stay active.

So… What is the plan this year? 

What did you learn from last year about what worked, and what did not work?

As we do with all the changing seasons – I invite you to write down your plan and share it with someone.

Feel free to email it to me, or post it in comments.

We have had a bit of a bonus this year with the lovely weather these past weeks.  Lets take advantage of it and make the plan now so we are ready when the you know what starts falling.

spring trainingKeep in mind, this is spring training! We have the next four months to train for an awesome active spring!

I look forward to hearing all the creative ways you plan on spring training this year.

Here is an article on how Mindfulness can help boost motivation.

Keep Moving, Be Well




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Balance and Weight Loss

balanceThat moment you decide you need to lose weight, everything changes.

It could have been a lifelong awareness that has come to the forefront, or a more recent awareness.   Any time that decision is made, finding freedom from the excess weight becomes the focus.

This post is about maintaining both physical and life balance on the weight loss journey. Continue reading

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The Good News about Stress

This TED talk by Kelly McGonigal is worth a look.good stress 3

She talks about the research on how our attitude toward stress makes all the difference in how our body reacts.  There is a benefit to viewing  the stress response in your body – racing heart, butterflies in your stomach, breathing heavier – as a good thing.   She sites a few studies about this.  Continue reading

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Mindful in May



Just a quick post to let you know about Mindful in May global online mindfulness meditation campaign.

What is Mindful in May? It takes just 10 minutes a day to bring more focus and effectiveness into your daily life. Join a global community of people bringing mindfulness meditation into their lives and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

If you have been hearing about the great benefits of meditation, but need some extra support to make it a habit, this support could help.

Keep Moving, Be Well,



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Reducing Weight without Losing Weight

thCABPF7GPI took a car for a test drive this week. My current car is a 2004 and I have the seat perfectly adjusted so I can sit in alignment. Sitting in this 2010 car my head was pushed forward by the head rest. No matter how I adjusted the seat I could not sit with my hips shoulders and ears in alignment. That darn head rest kept pushing my head forward.

So, I asked the car salesman.   He said that not too long ago the government changed the guidelines for manufacturing car seats. They wanted to make sure that the head is on the head rest….. so they moved the head rest forward…

Does anyone see a HUGE red flag here?

Were the older cars wrong? Or, could it be that our bodies have “adapted” to our new computer working, cell phone gazing, sitting shape? Please say it isn’t so! The government, in trying to keep us safe (which I greatly appreciate), adapted the guidelines to fit this new position of our body?thCA2EI8K7

What is the big deal you may ask.

Take an object about 10 lbs.and hold it in your hands. Notice the weight. Now extend your arms so you are holding it in front of you with your arms straight. The weight did not change but it feels heavier, right?

Now think of your head (weighs about 10 lbs.) held up by your neck. With the head jutted forward those poor neck muscles are working over time. And then the back muscles need to help out.

Exercise is important. But it is only about 3% of our day if we do 45 minutes of exercise a day. The other 97% of our day is hugely thCAJSWG40important. How we hold our body during most of the day can be a breeding ground for chronic pain and injury. It can also be the breeding ground for health and well-being. It is our choice.

This week: pay attention to your body position in daily activities like driving, eating, reading, watching TV, working on a computer, brushing your teeth, talking on the phone, looking at your smart phone.

  • Notice where your head is in relation to your body.
  • Notice where you feel your weight most when sitting – on your tailbone and back, front of your hips or in the middle.
  • Notice the weight of your arms and legs.
  • Notice where your weight is on your feet when standing – on the toes, heels or in-between.
  • Which side of the body do you use more?
  • Which side do you put more weight on when sitting, standing or carrying?

Feel free to add your comments about what you notice and we will continue the chat next week…

Keep Moving, Be Well




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